We are a matrimonial law boutique with a top reputation among our peers and the judiciary. We offer realistic options at the start and work to establish long-term solutions for your family.

When you look for a lawyer you look for a firm with attorneys who are experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate, and able to adapt to a variety of possible strategies. Those qualities are all present  in our firm.

Our expertise in matrimonial law

We adhere to time honored principles of responsiveness, dedication, communication, and honesty in meeting  expectations. We provide dedicated and zealous representation in the field of Matrimonial Law which includes:

Family Law
Domestic Relations
Marital Property
Child Custody; Paternity
Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Pick your battles carefully

Our experience helps us to peel away the layers of a conflict and understand what is really in dispute. Of course we will go to court if necessary.  However, a good settlement without the need for litigation, is a tribute to the skill of the lawyers on both sides.

Looking into the future with you

Clients come to us with all kinds of problems, and our job is to help them maintain perspective. We view clients’ desires and complaints with respect to their entire lives. By understanding the true priorities, we work toward outcomes that are right in the long run. Well help you think into the future as far as you can. Solutions that work for you and your children now may not work down the road.  Your family is a dynamic organism, your life will change over time, your plan for your future should take this into account.

Being realistic from the start

If your expectations are unrealistic, you will be unpleasantly surprised and disappointed.  You will  feel betrayed and angry. At the outset, we try to consider a range of possible outcomes that are reasonable.  While you may not be happy with what you are told, we want to view your future realistically.